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Strip Challenge: The Winner is...


Earlier this year, we launched our first STRIP CHALLENGE to comic creators across the globe, inviting them to send us six-page comic strips. All of them were considered for possible inclusion in this section of STRIP Magazine, designed to test out new ideas and stories and gauge reader reaction.

We also hope to give some comic creators a chance for publication they may not have had, given the small number of originated comic titles now on sale in the UK.

The first six issues of STRIP Magazine will present the winners of our first Challenge, launching with Agent Syber: Ex-Agent, a science fiction-inspired adventure by David and Graham Stoddart.

We were blown away by David and Graham's adventure, with its strong storytelling and stunning art – a style that reminded us of some classic comic creators such as Keith Watson (who drew Dan Dare for Eagle in the 1960s).

Graham Stoddart is a comic book artist and illustrator whose credits include Games Workshop's Black Library and 2000 AD. He studied under V for Vendetta artist David Lloyd at the London Cartoon centre and completed their 10-week course.

When not drawing Graham tells us he likes to blast aliens, zombies and "Well,  anything really on various computer games."

David Stoddart has written for the Evening Standard and his first published comic book work was for Games Workshop's Black Library.

When not thinking up stories David, who likes reading science fiction and "nerding about the internet", masquerades as a loyal servant of the secret government. "This makes my day job sound more interesting than it is," he jokes.

Ex-Agent is © 2011 David and Graham Stoddart

By Abraham Martinez, Hugo Arámburo, translated by Felipe Sobreiro

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