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It never hurts to dream...

Case in point? STRIP Magazine – the brainchild of our Bosnian publisher Ivo Milicevic, who grew up reading the likes of Black Archer, Adam Eterno and the Steel Claw in his native country. Who was astonished that none of these childhood heroes were no longer being published in Britain – and more to the point, that there was no adventure anthology comic on sale in British shops aimed at all ages.

It was something he was determined to do something about – and with the help of many creative talents, this first issue of STRIP Magazine is the result of some eighteen months preparation, almost two years of comics strangeness, false starts, hair tearing... but at last, realization.

For me, the chance to edit such a title, bringing new comic strip to a 21st century comics audience, was a role impossible to turn down (despite the hair tearing, which I can ill afford...).

STRIP Magazine is just part of Print Media Productions plans for new comics for the UK. As well as this new monthly action adventure magazine featuring stories from a multitude of comic genii, we'll also be publishing a number of standalone graphic albums. Available now are The Iron Moon by Stephen Walsh and Keith Page; the first two volumes of Mirabilis by Dave Morris and Leo Hartas;  Frontier, a weird wild western tale from Jason Cobley and Andrew Wildman - and there are more to come, including Herlock Sholmes by legendary European artist Julio Radilovic.

The months ahead promise to be an exciting times for us at Print Media Productions as we bring you more new adventures in STRIP Magazine and new graphic albums aplenty.

I hope you'll enjoy the ride as much as we will, and our thanks to everyone who helped bring us this far for their patience and support!

John Freeman
Editor, Strip Magazine
E-mail: ed@stripmagazine.co.uk

Strip Magazine
Issue No.1.
Strip Magazine
Issue No.2.
Strip Magazine
Issue No.3.
Strip Magazine
Issue No.4.
Strip Magazine
Issue No.5/6
Print Media Productions Books
The Iron Moon / Stephen Walsh / Keith Page Mirabilis / Year Of Wonders / Winter / Volume One Mirabilis / Year Of Wonders / Winter / Volume Two Frontier / The Weird Wild West Herlock Sholmes / Master of Disguise
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