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What type of webpages am I allowed to build?

  • We believe in allowing our members to build any type of page that they see fit. Both business and personal sites are allowed. We do ban the following types of sites: Adult material, violence, racism, warez, mp3, emulators, or appz sites. Any sites with unsuitable content will be immediately removed without warning. Also we do not allow our members to store files that are used on other webpages; i.e. file archiving or file serving.

How can this service be free?

  • In exchange for the free webspace that we offer, a banner is shown each time someone visits your site. You can choose if you would like this banner to appear on your page or in a pop-up window. This advertising pays for our expenses and keeps this service free. This banner is a regular 468x60 banner that you see on most web pages.

What will my URL look like?

  • If the banner is on your page, your url will be you.100megsfree.com or 100megsfree.com/you. Both will work. If you choose to have the banner in a pop-up, your url will be 100megsfree.com/pop/you.

Am I allowed to add other sponsors banners?

  • Yes, you can add your own banners to your page as long as it doesn't interfere with our banners.

How do I upload my site?

  • We provide a browser based upload for all of your files. If you prefer, you can upload your site with ftp.

What settings do I use for ftp?

  • The host name to use is depends on the server you are hosted on. It will either be 100megsfree.com, 100megsfree2.com, or one of the others listed on our login page. The user name and password are the same as you use to log into your account. Once you have finished uploading the files, you must log into your account and import the files before they are able to be viewed on the web. One of our members was nice enought to write a FTP toutorial, and it is available at http://www.100megsfree2.com/timsarson/ftp_faq.htm

I have uploaded my site with ftp, but I can't see it on the web.

  • Once you upload the site, you need to log into your account and click on the "ftp import" heading. This will allow you to move the files into your web directory so that they can be viewed.

When I click on the ftp import heading, it doesn't allow me to import folders.

  • We currently don't allow folders to be imported. You have to import the contents of each folder individually. For instance, if you have a folder named "images", you would upload all of the files in this folder. You can then create a folder in our web based file manager with the name "images" and import the files to this folder. You would then do the same for all the folders you have.

Are FrontPage extensions enabled?

  • We don't support front page extensions, but it is possible to work around this. For a full toutorial written by one of our members,

Do you allow scripting languages such as Perl, PHP or databases like mysql?

  • We don't allow any scripting languages or databases. Some external services do offer these though, and you are allowed to link to these services provided by other companies

My images are not showing up on my pages.

  • The most common reason that people have this troubles is related to capitalization. All files are case sensitive. For instance, Images and images are not the same directories.

I have uploaded my websites, but whenever I visit my page it says that I haven't moved in yet. How do I move in.

  • In order to keep that page from loading, you must delete the file index.html in your base directory. You should then rename your main page to index.html or index.htm so that is is the page that loads first when someone visits your site.

I have made changes to my page, but it when I view it, the old page still shows.

  • Browsers store old versions of webpages in their memory. You need to force it to load a new page for you. Usually holding down the cntrl key while hitting the refresh button will solve the problem. If not, keep hitting refresh until it loads the new page

I created a site in frames, but when I view the page only a banner shows

  • When building a site in frames, you need to ensure that you have included all of the necessary tags. If you add <noframes><body></body></noframes> it will solve your problems

I have a frames page and a banner is shown in each of the frames. Can this be fixed.

  • Our servers have no way of knowing which pages are being loaded into frames. Therefore they add banners to all pages. You might want to consider using our popup account instead. That way you won't have banners in the frames.